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Figure 3-1. Testbed Locations

Figure 3-2. Aurora Physical Topology

Figure 3-3. Aurora Logical Topologies

Figure 3-4. Blanca Topology

Figure 3-5. Casa Physical Topology

Figure 3-6. Casa Logical Topology

Figure 3-7. Nectar Topology

Figure 3-8. Vistanet Topology

Figure 4-1. Testbed Architectures

Figure 4-2. SONET Signal Regeneration

Figure 4-3. SONET Multivendor Interconnect

Figure 4-4. All-Optical Transmission

Figure 4-5. Aurora Bellcore ATM/SONET Striping

Figure 4-6. Nectar ATM/SONET Striping

Figure 4-7. Integrated ATM Layer Striping

Figure 4-8. Casa PTM Striping

Figure 4-9. Wide-Area HIPPI Switching

Figure 4-10. Generic Host I/O Architecture

Figure 4-11. Directly Connected ATM/SONET

Figure 4-12. Nectar Workstation I/O

Figure 4-13. FLORB PTM Interface

Figure 4-14. Casa CBI

Figure 4-15. Vistanet NIU

Figure 4-16. iWarp Distributed Memory I/O

Figure 4-17. Pipelining and Propagation Delay

Figure 4-18. Quantum Chemical Dynamics

Figure 4-19. Global Climate Modeling Exchanges

Figure 4-20. Chemical Process Optimization

Figure 4-21. DCABB Data Exchange

Figure 4-22. Radiation Treatment Planning

Figure 4-23. Remote Visualization

Figure 4-24. CALCRUST Metacomputing

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