Mobile Code Bibliography

This bibliography includes 157 entries mobile code, mobile agents, and related systems. It is available in three forms:

The boundaries of this collection are fuzzy, but I'll try to outline them here. My own interest is in system support for mobile agents and the bibliography begins there. Also included are papers on

I've also included some work the the literature on mobile computing and extensible systems where it seemed relevant to mobile agents, e.g. proof-carrying code and Rover. Finally, I have omitted some things you might expect to see, e.g. process migration.

I am missing entries on a number of subjects that I would ultimately like to include, such as Java and ActiveX.

The bibliography is incomplete, but growing. I am happy to include entries submitted by others if they are topical. Please email entries in Bibtex format and include "mobile code bibliography" in the subject. Please include url and abstract fields if they are available. Corrections are also welcome.

The HTML versions of the bibliography were generated with David Hull's bib2html program.

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