Giridhar Manepalli

Giridhar Manepalli is Director of Information Management Technology at Corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI). He collaborates with government, industry, and academia to foster research and development in activities that focus on the management of information on networks.


He is currently working on international efforts undertaken by CNRI, the Research Data Alliance (RDA), and the Financial Stability Board to design systems and policies that promote the unique identification of information assets and enable cross-discipline science and engineering activities. His technical area specializations include data interoperability, data identification, secure communication, and scalable data management systems.

Mr. Manepalli manages the Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR) effort, a joint effort by CNRI and Rovi to provide a universal identifier system for the various organizations involved in both the production and post-production processes for movie and television assets. He is also leading CNRI's data typing effort, to develop the ability to 'type' data produced by several organizations in US and European organizations. The goal of the effort is to see if typing data beyond what mime-types and formats accomplish would provide a better platform for reasoning and processing data. He is also working to produce a de-duplication component that can identify duplicate information records based on specific semantic characteristics.

He also oversees the Digital Object (DO) Registry component of CNRI's Digital Object Architecture work, and has been responsible for producing multiple versions of the registry component supporting government and industry projects. The DO Registry provides an ecosystem of services, tools, and processes for registering and discovering digital information used by various communities, and allows federating the registered information in a 'registry-of-registries'.

Prior to working on these projects, Mr. Manepalli was the technical lead for the Advanced Distributed Learning Registry initiative, a metadata registry that facilitates the sharing and reuse of training and learning material for the military.

Prior to joining CNRI, Mr. Manepalli worked at the Old Dominion University Research Foundation, focusing on the Archive Ingest and Handling Test, a Digital Preservation project sponsored by the Library of Congress, to extract and translate information from terabyte-size archives. He also worked as a Research Consultant at the Virginia Modeling Analysis and Simulation Center, where he studied the impact of mass casualty disasters on health care systems using agent modeling and simulation techniques.

Mr. Manepalli has a Masters degree in Computer Science from Old Dominion University, and a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and Engineering. He has authored several published papers and books, and given guest lectures in his field of expertise.