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Download Pisces

The current version of Pisces is 1.0 alpha 1. There will be a few initial alpha releases before the final release of version 1.0. The final release will probably be in May.


You must have a few other software packages installed to use Pisces.

  1. Python 1.5 (or higher). Python may already be installed on your system. It ships with RedHat Linux for example. If it is not installed on your system, you can find it at python.org.

  2. Python Distutils The distutils package provides support for installing software written in Python. It will be a standard part of Python 1.6, but you need to download it separately for earlier versions.

  3. OpenSSL. Download and install OpenSSL.

  4. amkCrypto-0.1.2

    This package contains several cryptographic modules for Python. It contains modules from mxCrypto and from Andrew Kuchling's original Python Cryptography Toolkit.

Download and install

  1. Download the Pisces source distribution

  2. Verify the signature

    The distributions are signed with the following GNU Privacy Guard key:

    pub  1024D/24C32DD6 2000-04-07 Jeremy Hylton (software release key) <jeremy@alum.mit.edu>
         Key fingerprint = 3EE6 F56B E71D BE49 8271  9730 5842 CCD4 24C3 2DD6
    Download key in PGP public key block format

  3. Unpack the source distribution and run setup.py
    cd Pisces-1.0
    ./setup.py install