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ReportingAPI is an interface to reporting stations and visualizers.

The ReportingStation is the fundamental interface for communication of KP state changes to the originator (e.g. launcher) of a KP. Other entities in the system may be interested in migration and termination state changes for particular KPs, and they would also use a ReportingStation object to gather this information.

The Visualizer interface is used for GUI tools that act like reporting stations. Since a visualizer is a tool, it is possible to remotely shut it down.


This interface defines the following non-OBJECT types:

An alias for ilu.String
An alias for String, used as a visualizer identifier by the AdministratorAPI interface.


This interface defines the following OBJECT types:

The object to which the KOS reports KP status changes.

A object subtyped from ReportingStation, this object is used to represent a reporting station which is a user tool (and thus can be remotely shut down).

ReportingStation Objects

KPTerminated (reportingID : String, reason : String, details : String, repr : KPRepr.Representation)
Report non-migration related termination of KP. The reportingID is considered the name of the KP. It should be assumed that this name is a globally unique pure name, although the current implementation may not strictly guarantee this. reason is a string representation of the exception causing termination while details is the string representation of the exception's value. repr is the KP's Representation object.

ASYNCHRONOUS KPMigrationReceived (reportingID : String, idTo : KOS.KPID, migratingTo : KOS.KOSAddress)
Report an acceptance of a migrating KP. reportingID is the globally unique name of the KP. idTo is the KP's internal identifier in the destination KOS. migratingTo is the name of the destination KOS.

AllocateID (prefix : String) : String
Allocate and return a new reporting ID, e.g. for a clone. Raise KOS.AuthorizationError if a KP attempts to clone when cloning has been disabled.

Visualizer Objects

The Visualizer object inherits its interface from the ReportingStation object. It defines these additional methods:

Gracefully shut down the Visualizer.

Table of Contents

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