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ContentRegistrarAPI is a service interface which is implemented by a plugin which is part of the web content provision demonstration. It is used to allow KPs to provide Web content through a properly configured Web server.

This interface defines the following object type:

The object which provides an interface to the local Web server, allowing KPs and other entities in the KOE to provide content via the Web.

This type is also defined:

Opaque identifier for content provider registrations.


Raised by the registrar on attempts to register a content provider name which is already registered. The exception value is the identifying token for the existing registration. The value will change in a future release.

Raised by the registrar when a content provider passed in a unknown identifier value; this indicates that the ContentRegistrar was not able to identify the caller.

ContentRegistrar Objects

In the descriptions below, the parameter name ident indicates that the parameter should be the result of a preceeding call to RegisterProvider(). If ident does not correspond to a known provider, a BadIdentifierError exception is raised.

RegisterProvider (name : String) : Identifier
Request registration for a new provider by name. If name is already in use, NonUniqueNameError is raised. The returned Identifier is used in subsequent calls to configure the service required for the provider.

UnRegisterProvider (ident) : Identifier
Request removal of the provider from the list of registered providers, and stop providing content for that provider.

RegisterLiveContent (ident : Identifier, provider : ContentProviderAPI.ContentProvider)
Register provider support for dynamic content generation. The ContentProviderAPI.ContentProvider interface is discussed elsewhere.

UnRegisterLiveContent (ident)
Cancel support for dynamic content for the specified provider. Support for static content remains active. Once this has been called, the GetContent() method of the registered provider object will not be called again until any subsequent call of RegisterLiveContent().

UploadStaticContent (ident : Identifier, suitcaserepr : KPRepr.NamedPart)
Request that static content be provided via the Web server without the intervention of the content provider. The static content to be provided is taken from the contents of the suitcase filesystem contained in the KP. Any files that have already been uploaded will be overwritten. To actually delete directories or files, call UnloadStaticContent() then re-upload the complete collection of static content. There is currently no way to specify that only a portion of the suitcase should be used.

UnloadStaticContent (ident : Identifier)
Remove any static content that has previously been registered for the specified content provider. Support for dynamic content remains active.

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