Module pathhack

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pathhack helps Python find modules associated with the operation of the Knowbot software. With pathhack, modules needed by KOS components and tools can be found during import.

As a side effect of importing this module, sys.path is hacked to include all relevant directories.

In order to bootstrap this, the environment variable $PYTHONPATH must include the directory containing the pathhack module, or the script must contain a line like this before importing pathhack:

import sys, os
sys.path.append(os.path.join(sys.path[0], "../../common"))

(The number of "../" segments should reflect the depth of the script file relative to $KOSROOT.)

This module has knowledge of where it lives relative to $KOSROOT. If its location changes, it needs to be updated. It contains a sophisticated warning feature that tells you immediately when such an update is necessary. :-)

pathhack is a module that does all it's work simply by importing it.



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