Module ilutools

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Several functions in this module provide a consistent interface to ILU calls across versions of ILU. (It has been used with ILU version 1.8 and ILU 2.0 alpha up to version 2.0a12.)

The module also extends ILU's exception handling. It installs a new handler for exceptions not caught by implementation methods and not defined as a valid exception for the method. The new handler prints a traceback and the program identification for the program raising the exception.

The documentation of this module is limited. The version-independence features are not used by the current system and the exception handling is transparent.


RunMainLoop ([loophandle]):
Run the ILU main loop. If loophandle isn't provided, one is created or the existing main loophandle is re-used.

ExitMainLoop ([loophandle]):
Exits the ILU mainloop. If loophandle is not supplied, the handle created by RunMainLoop() is used.

RunInterruptableMainLoop ():
Run a mainloop that can be interrupted using SIGINT or SIGTERM.


A tuple containing IluProtocolError and IluGeneralError that can be used to catch arbitrary communication failures in ILU.

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