Module NamespaceImpl

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This module provides implementations of the Namespace interface's Context object, which is used to implement the nodes in the global distributed namespace.


This module defines the following classes:

Context ()
Derived from Namespace__skel.Context, this class provides the basic implementation of a namespace context object. This class fully implements the Namespace interface. Bindings are kept in a protected instance variable called self._bindings which is a Python dictionary. This dictionary's default value is empty.

PredefinedContext (dict)
Derived from Context described above, this class is identical except the constructor takes a dictionary containing a pre-defined set of name to descriptor bindings. These binding are not special in any way, e.g., they can be unbound with the Namespace.Unbind() method.

PersistentContext (db)
Derived from Context described above, this class provides for a persistent implementation of name bindings. By passing in a persistent dictionary (e.g., a Python shelf object), changes to the context are propagated to the persistent database.

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