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Contributed Technology
Carnegie Mellon

This is a list of contributed technology created by Carnegie Mellon University as part of the CSTR Project.

  • Pursuit search engine and Lycos exploration code.
  • Lycos Image browsing software.
  • Image Decoder - A very fast program to decode TIFF images with Fax G4 compression and to display them. Supports monochrome or gray scale displays. Runs on most standard UNIX computers.
  • Reference Server - Reference Server provides general information about information providers, including host name and address, database names and description, database availability and retrieval protocol, for example. Reference Server can be used in authenticated mode (using Kerberos) or non-authenticated mode. In authenticated mode it can provide access control information as well.
  • Resource Access Control System - The access control module of the Reference Server is called RACS (Resource Access Control System). RACS examines the access of an individual or a group to a resource; used with the Reference Server, this resource would be a collection. Relationship between individuals and groups can be examined and recursive membership is allowed.

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